It’s hard to keep up with the internet when you have an actual job. And when you’re an undercover agent posing as a normal animal most of the time.

This blog isn’t dead or anything, I just… need to make time for it. Or need some extra time between the cuddling and thwarting and laying around on the floor. Why doesn’t Heinz make some sort of day lengthen-inator? Maybe I’ll subtly plant the idea in his mind and reap the benefits before destroying it.

I don’t know how, but he’d find a way to use that for evil purposes. Or his definition of evil, anyway.

Nice try, anon. Nelson doesn’t know how to type.

You better not be the same one harassing my boy right now.

When are you coming back?


It depends on when my mod gets his inspiration back. He just hasn’t been able to deliver the level of quality he feels my blog deserves. If you pester him enough he might do it anyway but don’t hold me to that.


((hey guys, kyle here. i’m sorry to report it but i’ve been pretty bad lately and my drawing muse is just completely dead. i’ve got no good ideas, and the ones i do have are beyond my skill level.

i’m gonna take a break from this blog and my perry blog for a while so i can try to focus on this huge creative block i’ve got going on. whenever i feel better i’ll start answering stuff again.

i can still answer via text, however, so if you want to chat with phineas or ask him for advice, his ask box is open and you can reach him at his skype, phineastein. if the text annoys you, the tag is “ask phin: text version” and you can blacklist that

thanks for understanding))

((gonna reblog this here too

perry is open for text questions as well; his tag is “textapus” if you want to blacklist it))

Anytime, honey. Oh, that's my time limit. They'll be coming to get the computer soon, and I'll need to email Lo..well, I have letters to send. I'll talk to you soon. Nelson, say bye: afswASSDDFB YEDD. There we go. Bye, sweetie!

Wait, email who? I’m going to ask when I see you, Ma! Don’t think I’ll forget!

Nelson hatched last, of course he's the younger brother. It only makes sense. And yes, yes I do remember the up and downs of a nemeship. They tend to become complicated quickly. I'll keep that chair in reserve.

Alright, fine, I guess he’s younger. But he is my no means a “baby”. He’s a big lug who hates everyone but you.

And… thank you, Ma. For being understanding.

Give your baby brother some credit. Love knows no limitations. And I may have helped him make the heart. And don't worry dear, I was only teasing about the visits. Seeing you at all is a joy. I remember how busy it gets on active duty. --Speaking of which, what's this about a -relationship-? Am I going to have to ask for an extra chair next week?

No! No, no, that… that won’t be necessary. Heinz and I are… well, we’re not… we aren’t dating, we don’t even kiss, though I suppose I’ve held his hand before… a few times… 

Look, it’s complicated. But he’s my friend. Ish. He’s my nemesis, too, you remember what those are like. But he’s not my… we’re not… this isn’t a relationship. It’s just a… a thing. 

And since when is Nelson the baby brother?! We’re from the same litter! was the runt!

How do you feel about your fangirls? (P.S. I'm one of them, just not one of the crazy ones)

Ah, yes, nice username. 

I don’t mind fans in general. I think it’s nice that people are so interested in me. But all these… “ships”… with me and people I don’t even know… it’s a little disconcerting. 

You're reaching awfully fair. You know he doesn't have fingers, Perry. It's hard enough keeping him from chewing the monitor.

But… he made me a heart on purpose? Either he knows how to type or  he doesn’t, Ma. I’ve got my money on doesn’t. 

Now what was with you saying I should visit more often? You know I come as often as I can. Should I try for twice a week?

Oh lighten up, dear. He'll warm up to you. He's only headbutting your photos now, and you know that's a pretty common sign of affection.

Are you sure it’s headbutting and not head slamming? Because he did that to my stomach once and I got the wind knocked out of me. Heinz doesn’t kick me as hard as Nelson hits me, and he’s a full grown man.

And did you notice the @$$ in that… message he sent me? He seems to have some very conflicting feelings, Ma.